Mississippi’s Bob Brown and South Carolina’s Sid Collins Receive 2011 Frank Ashley Awards

Club members who received the Frank Ashley Award at the 2011 convention included Bob Brown, a honorary member who is the son of the Mississippi highpoint and became the owner when Bob’s father died shortly before the convention; and Sid Collins, who has been active in South Carolina:

Bob Brown:
(featured in the photo above receiving a thank you from Don Holmes before the dedication of the new summit rock)

Bob Brown, son of the MS highpoint owners, was an immense help in providing assistance and much needed support during the MS Convention. He acted on behalf of his elderly parents and embraced the club with open arms. He was able to generate local interest and support from the community for the club’s desire to place a monument on the summit that represented the history of the area and Woodall Mtn. Bob was also able to coordinate the installation of the club provided road sign with the help of the county just prior to the club climb to the summit. Bob is a kind and generous person and will continue to welcome visitors and highpointers to the family summit for years to come. [Editor Note: Bob Brown’s father who owned the highpoint died shortly before the convention and so Bob is now the owner].

Sid Collins in South Carolina:

We nominate a Club member who has been working tirelessly to benefit the South Carolina highpoint, Mt Sassafras. Sid Collins, a member since 2007, is working with the local government agencies, land owners, Club Liaison David Powers, and the “Sassafras Mountain Improvement Committee” to improve the highpoint (see p.10 issue #90 and p.6 issue #92). Results are beginning to happen this year, with improved road signs, trailhead signs, accurate survey, viewing platform, and general upkeep of the highpoint. Sid is very deserving of this honor.

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