Radar Museum Planned for Campbell Hill Summit

The Air Force Radar Museum Association has got permission to build the National Air Defense Radar Museum atop one of the former radar buildings atop Campbell Hill. The radars in Bellefontaine were part of the 664th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron. The museum is to be located in a building that house an FPS-26 radar. Gene McManus attended the Highpointers 2011 convention at Campbell Hill and describes plans in the video.

Mississippi’s Bob Brown and South Carolina’s Sid Collins Receive 2011 Frank Ashley Awards

Club members who received the Frank Ashley Award at the 2011 convention included Bob Brown, a honorary member who is the son of the Mississippi highpoint and became the owner when Bob’s father died shortly before the convention; and Sid Collins, who has been active in South Carolina:

Newsletter Printers and Processors and Kimball C of C Awarded 2011 Paul Zumwalt Awards

Recipients of the Paul Zumwalt Award during the Ohio 2011 convention include:

Congratulations, 2011 Vin Hoeman Winners Charlie Feris and Gary White

Congratulations 2011 Vin Hoeman winners Charlie Feris and Gary White who received the award at the 2011 convention in Ohio. Charlie has met every 50 completer except two and has written an amazing history of completers. He is also hosting the 2012 convention on Mount Hood.

Gary White has done a ton of stuff including hosting the 2010 convention in Mississippi where he coordinated getting the new marker there. He is very active with the Merc and was a great friend of Jakk Longacre.

Congratulations, Jack Longacre Award Winner Jean Trousdale

Congratultions, Mother Merc Jean Trousdale on winning the Jack Longacre Award during club’s 2011 convention in Ohio.

Minutes of General Membership Meeting – July 16, 2011 at Hunstville (Ohio) Event Center

Below are the minutes of the Highpointers Club General Memberhip on July 16, 2011. They were approved by the Board of Directors on June 9, 2012.

Highpointers Registration on Front Page of Bellefontaine Examiner

The Bellefontaine Examiner of July 15, 2011 under the headline “Hitting the high point” featured a photo of Cassandra Hayes registering on the Campbell Hill summit marker itself. Nikki Hemphill is at the desk and Jean Trousdale is on the right.

Other Bellefontaine coverage included:
*National Highpointers Club to climb Ohio’s highest point
*GOBA, Highpointers expected to boost local tourism in 2011

Schedule of Events for 2011 Highpointers Convention July 14-17

Following is a schedule of events for the Highpointers Convention July 14-17 in Ohio.

Highpointers 2011 Convention July 14-16 in Ohio


Here’s the low down on the Ohio 2011 convention on July 14-16

*Registration Form
* Accommodations Information
*General Information
*Other things to do

Highpointers e-news of April 2, 2011 (Ohio Convention e-blast)

e-news1Craig has sent on an ebulletin on the Ohio Convention. You can read his eblast here. You can read the eblast archive here.