Mark Adam, Kenyon Rainier Stebbins, Lyle & Kathy Blomberg, Bill Guenther, Blaine and Linda Sorenson, Al Dempsey, Mick Dunn Receive Frank Ashley Awards at 2013 Convention

Receiving the Frank Ashley Awards at the 2013 Convention were Mick Dunn, Mark Adam, Al Dempsey, and Bill Gunther.

Those receiving the award but not attending were Kenyon Rainier Stebbins, Lyle & Kathy Blomberg, and Blaine and Linda Sorenson.

Here’s their nominations:

*Mark Adam:

I would like to nominate Mark Adam of Goffstown, New Hampshire for the Frank Ashley Award. Mark has diligently and reliably performed his duties as Treasurer of the Maine 2013 Highpointers Convention despite his ongoing battle with Stage 4 non-Hodgkins Lymphoma of the lung, neck and leg. From the very beginning Mark accepted this position knowing that he had a then-yet-to-be-diagnosed problem. Shortly upon assuming the role he was diagnosed but has remained willing and committed throughout to perform the sometimes difficult and often-times busy, as well as important, tasks that the role demands while simultaneously battling this awful disease. Please join with me in support of Mark receiving this prestigious award for a duty well done under very trying circumstances.

*Al Dempsey

Al has been involved in the Club and Highpointing since 2006. Al has been a staunch supporter of the Highpointers Foundation since its inception, both financially, and with hard work on the ground. Al is a Projects Director, and has driven cross country numerous times visiting highpoints and seeking out land owners, discussing what their needs might be. He worked with Stony Burk in 2012 to completely renovate the plaque on Eagle Mtn in MN, a 3 day project requiring them to walk to the highpoint each day for another step in the process. This year he has visited numerous state highpoints while driving from CA to MN and back, setting up many projects for the Foundation to act upon later this year. Al is an outstanding example of a volunteer who raised his hand when there was a need for help.

*Mick Dunn

Mick has been very involved in the Club and Highpointing since the early days of the formation of the Club. Mick has served on the Board of Directors. Mick is in the midst of serving as the host of the ME-13 konvention, and it would be quite apropos to present him a Frank Ashley Award during his banquet. Mick’s constant good nature serves him well as an ambassador for our hobby wherever he travels and meets soon-to-be Highpointers.

*Bill Guenther

For years Bill has been a tireless ambassador for the Club, always giving Vermont Maple Syrup to landowners where he travels, on behalf of the Club. Bill has worked extensively for the ME-13 Konvention behind the scenes, and has been the go-to guy to answer many questions about Katahdin in general, and climbing it during the konvention in particular. Bill epitomizes the good face we as Highpointers should always present to the public as we go about our travels. Bill unselfishly gave up on his bid for the summit of Mt Hood last year, upon realizing he was not going to make it, so that others could move up and not have to worry about helping him down if he got too high and his knees became a problem. Bill is a classy Highpointer !

*Kenyon Rainier Stebbins

I nominate Kenyon Rainier Stebbins for the Frank Ashley Award for the time and energy he expended, and the care he took, in executing his father Rowland’s wish that the A. H. Marshall diaries be donated to the Mazamas for preservation. The diary’s 4 volumes and 2,475 pages are an important part of highpointing history. Additionally, Kenyon reviewed every page of the diary, identified entries of interest to Highpointers, and prepared a 46_page reference guide in April 2012 so that everyone may efficiently utilize this document. And finally, Kenyon prepared an insightful and entertaining slide show about the Marshall diary which he presented at the Oregon 2012 Convention Banquet. These efforts are described on page 26 of issue #98 (12_Q3) of the Highpointers Club newsletter. Such a dedicated effort on Kenyon’s part is appreciated by the Club’s members and we thank him for that.

*Lyle & Kathy Blomberg

I hereby nominate Lyle & Kathy Blomberg, Honorary Highpointers Club Members and Caretakers for the State Highpoint of Wisconsin, Timm’s Hill. The Blombergs have been Caretakers of Timm’s Hill and supporters of the Highpointers Club for many years. Working on behalf of the county, they have maintained the parking area, pavilion and all the facilities of the park area including the trails leading to the summit and observation tower. This past year, they replaced many of the trail signs, the maps at the parking lot information kiosk and added a bench and a new register at the summit. The Blombergs also placed Club newsletters and brochures at the register to promote the Club and its Membership. Lyle & Kathy have continued to serve as advocates for their state highpoint and provided an opportunity for the Club to generate awareness and interest in state highpointing to the public.

*Blaine and Linda Sorenson

I hereby nominate Blaine and Linda Sorenson, Highpointers Club Members and Liaisons for the State Highpoint of Utah, King’s Peak. The Sorensons have been our Club Liaisons for several years and actively stayed in touch with the Ranger District responsible for the Henry’s Fork Trailhead approach and King’s Peak. They have visited the Ranger District Office several times to talk directly with the folks there and promote awareness of our Club and the active pursuit of our Members to reach the summit of King’s Peak. They have also hiked to the summit several times and know the condition of the trail and area in general. While visiting with the Rangers they were able to gather some information regarding overall visitation totals to the Unitas area and assess the need for anything our Club might be able to provide that would promote goodwill and future benefit to the Club and the Owners/Managers of the Highpoint. Their effort and personal contact led to the providing of a bench for the Henry’s Fork Trailhead and new trail signs that the Friends of King’s Peak in a cooperative effort will install. The Sorensons have volunteered much of their personal time and energy developing a positive relationship with the folks responsible for maintaining the wilderness experience of King’s Peak for the public and our Club members. Their effort will continue to promote interest in state highpointing, awareness of our Club and our goal to help improve highpoints as well as keep open access for the public.

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