Ray and Jan Nelson Awarded Vin Hoeman Award at the 2013 Convention.


Membership guy and gal Ray and Jan Nelson were awarded the Vin Hoeman Award at the 2013 convention in Maine. Here’s the nomination:

Ray and Jan have served behind the scenes for several years. Specifically, they hosted the successful Convention in Minnesota in 1996, they served as registrars for the OR-12 Convention, and recently Ray and Jan agreed to become the Chairmen of the Club Membership Committee. It has been a trying job to get the membership records up to date. As Treasurer, I can tell you that this a very important job and they have accomplished it well. During the last Board election, Ray became a Board member. These two an asset to the Highpointers Club and I urge you to vote yes for Ray and Jan for the Vin Hoeman Award.

Besides being incredible taking over the membership, the Nelsons handled registration in at the 2012 convention and will handle with the registration for the Iowa 2015 convention. They also hosted the 1996 convention in their home state of Minnesota.

The Nelsons were also high bidders at the convention for charity reservations for the Highpointers Foundation.

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