Highpointers Wanted… A Perfect Gift as Well!!!

Not a member and would like to join our group of fun seekers?  Join today, sign up a friend or relative.  Better yet… Join and sign up a friend and relative!!!

By joining you will have access to the annual “Conventions” which are held in one of the United States’ geographical areas each year.

These are the best “Face to Face” experience that you can have to get the most out of highpointing and travel.  There you’ll meet hundreds of new and very experience climbers and travelers that will help in your quest. 

Past conventions have been held in Kona HI, Taos NM, Stowe VT, Asheville NC and the 2008 convention was hosted in Flagstaff AZ at “The Snowbowl.”  The 2009 New Jersey convention will be held in the Highpoint State Park area to the North where the host city will be Matamoras PA.


Highpointers Club

What do I get as a Member?

  • The Quarterly Newsletter “Apex to Zenith”…  This is packed with Highpoint access information,  members articles, updates, trip reports and other information to make your quest for the highpoints more enjoyable.
  • “Highpointers Club Directory”… Which is the annual supplement to the newsletter containing the club’s by-laws, notable records, completers list (Both 48 and 50), information regarding the club’s regular operation, club contact information and a plethora of other items.  The directory also lists members in alphabetical order and by state so you can contact others in your region.
  • Single and Family Memberships… These are the same price.  However, the Family Membership rate for more than one person must be at the same address, and will receive only one copy of the newsletter and directory.  Sign up the family at no extra charge and keep everyone involved.
  • Membership Packet…  As a new member, you will receive the most current “Apex to Zenith,” the “Club Directory” and other important information that may be available at that time.
  • HIGHPOINTERS CLUB  e-Bulletin…  Email reports on current changes in highpoint visitations / closures, road conditions / closures, and much more about the Highpointing Community. HP 40 Pin
  • Count Tracking…  As you report your highpoint updates, they will be added to your count in the club data base.
  • Qualify for Awards…  Pins and patches are available to qualifying members as they meet certain accomplishments such as the 5 Highpoints Patch, and the 25, 30, 40, 48 and 50 Highpoints Pins.
  • Highpoint Difficulty Information…  Adjust your trips to achieve the highpoints that you want to do with the most recent information that we, and others, provide.  You may not want to do all of them.  Pick the ones you want whether is is regional, by elevation, etc… you make the call!!!
  • T-Shirts to Guidebooks…  The Highpointers Mercantile (“The Merc”) offers the latest in highpointing guidebooks, as well as, related educational and fun reading.  Also available are T-Shirts, ball caps, pennants, posters, calendars and much more… 

How Do I Join?

Membership is available to any interested party upon payment of membership fees.

  • The rate is $20 (Single or unlimited Family*) for US resident.
  • $25 for Foreign Residents (Single or unlimited Family*)

REMEMBER:  The Family Membership for more than one person must be at the same address, and will receive only one copy of the newsletter and directory.


Join Today Online Here!!!

 Online Payment - PayPal

Via Mail Please complete THE APPLICATION, print it on your computer and send it along with check, or money order (in US Funds) for $20 US memberships or $25 Foreign memberships, made out to Highpointers Club and mail to:

Highpointers Club
Ray/Jan Nelson
PO Box 529
Northfield, MN 55057

Membership is based on a “Quarterly System” and will begin with your first issue of the newsletter delivered with your directory, then you will receive three more issues via the regular newsletter mailing from editors Colorado therefore ending your first year of membership. A renewal reminder will be enclosed in your last issue along with email notification.

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